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We have new tooling and new plastic thimbles.
 The size is eleven (11).You will find many uses for these thimbles. Not only are they used for sewing, but these are also great for advertising. Years ago,there were hundreds of companies, businesses, politicians, and entertainers using thimbles to advertise. They are easy to use and print. A couple of lines and your number or email and you have a great item to give out.The cost will be small and will bring good results.
See Below for important information

The thimbles are available in the following 7 colors:
      Red, White, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink, and Orange
You can order any color and any quanity. The price is $1.00 each
There is a discount for quantities of 144 and over. Colors can be combined for discount.
 S&H is $ 2.50 for orders of 1 to 24
          $3.50 for orders 25 to 143
           Larger quantities contact us for price

Ordering Information:
   We accept credit cards, checks,and paypal. Email your order to
    You can mail to Joan Mogar
                                 Box 76
                                 Deerfield, NJ 08313
    You can call 856 358 3684 or fax to 856 358 1649
    Make sure you supply your credit card number and
    Be sure to indicate the colors and quantities of each, Include S&H charges

Email Here

These thimbes are good quality plastic and are available from stock in 7 bright colors.